H H Birch & Son Ltd, Nab Wood

If someone has died

Any time of the day or night you can call this funeral home on 01274 583 467 to notify us of a death.

Or you can message the team for a response within the hour.

We know how difficult and disorienting it can be when someone you love dies, especially if you’re also organising the funeral. We are here to guide you through the options and costs. You can speak to us at this funeral home, or you can make an appointment for a Funeral Director to come to you.

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Arrange a funeral

We will help you make the funeral as simple or as personal as you want and we can take care of all the arrangements. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Prices start at £1,995

This is the price for our Simple Funeral. The cost of third party fees such as doctor’s fees, minister and church fees, cremation or burial fees vary by region and are in addition to this price.

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Buy a funeral plan

A prepaid funeral is a funeral you arrange and pay for in advance to reduce the burden on those left behind.

Prices start at £2,895

We can talk you through your options, and show how you can beat rising funeral costs.

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Getting here

We are situated next to the Nab Wood Crematorium.

Where to park

Free parking is available on-site. Please park in the H H Birch & Son parking spaces.

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